Monte Carlo and still not bust....
Av Chris Ternel, 19. Juli 2000.  
The 2000 World Championships had a record number of players not seen for over a decade. Denmark and USA tied for 1st. place for participants with 40 a piece, but the Americans drew the longest straw and can now boast of being the only nation with not one but 2 women World Champions, the last one being Lee Genud, 19 years ago in 1981 - and now the new world champion is Katie Scalamandre. Have you heard the name Scalamandre before in conection with Backgammon? Her husband Gino is perhaps even more well know - but it looks like this year she is wearing the trousers.

More about Monte Carlo.....

The newly beautifully redecorated Monte Carlo Sporting Club - hosted a once again truly excellent international gala show, which after last year's disapointing preformance, really got the applause it deserves. After Chairman, Andre Rolfo Fontana announced his retirement, Lewis Deyong former director of the World Championship presented him with a silver plate for his years of dedication on behalf of all the backgammon players and staff. After the gala show the younger and not so young packed out the exquiste Jimmy'z disco - and partied until the early hours.

Andre Rolfo Fontana pending retirement started rumours, that this was going to be the last year of the tournament. I spoke with the Chief Executive, Patricia Oliver, after the Prize giving awards, and she told me that: a new Chairman would be appointed in due course and that proposed plans for the World Championships in 2001 included an increase in entry fees in the Championship flight from FF 4.500 to 5.000 (although many players including myself would like to see it up around the 6.000 mark - then the winner would expect a purse of over a million francs), the reason for this increase is to bring the prices more into line with other major tournaments. Intermediate players can also expect an entry fee of 2.000 to 2.500 (thus a 1st. place would give in the region of 100.000 - would this not be a record for an intermediate flight?). Entries for the Super Jackpot will probably go up to $1.500,00. So start saving for next year for even bigger prizes!


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