Sticks Group Lessons
Av Tore Fredriksen, 3. Oktober 2012 14:29.
Sist endret 3. Oktober 2012 14:33
Advanced video Group Lessons by Jacob 'Stick' Rice. The content is of a high quality.

You can order a pre-recorded group lesson by sending 25$ by using the paypal online money transfer service to the following email address : In order to do so, you need to create a paypal account (go to The following topics are available.

  • Effective Pip Count
  • Early Game Blitzes
  • Pay Now or Later
  • Holding Games
  • Take/Drop Decisions
  • Late Game Containment
  • Too Good Cube Decisions

R A T I N G   -   T O P    5

Thorleif Reisvold   1863
Jon Kristian Roeyset   1848
Rune Halvorsen   1845
Farzin Aarabi   1843
Hans Liby   1807

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